Regardless of your professional field, we take pride and find joy in offering tailor-made ideas and plans that can solve your specific industry-based connectivity needs.


The possibilities are endless. Think big, don't limit your options, and leave the rest to us!

Choose Your Industry

MikroTik Canada helps take your organization to new heights with specialized solutions grounded in deep industry expertise that align with your distinct challenges.

Leisure, Hospitality, and Recreation


MikroTik offers reliable networking solutions for golf courses, supporting seamless connectivity across large areas. Its products facilitate various services, including guest Wi-Fi and IoT for course maintenance, with strong signals even in outdoor environments.

Events & Festivals


MESH networks, public hotspots, plug-and-play hardware, you name it, we got it! Enjoy the public coverage of your events and never miss those thousands of stories and reels by offering great internet access to the attendees!

IT Service Management


Arguably, one of the most prominent strengths of MikroTik's RouterBOARDs and RouterOS lies in traffic management and user access, enabling you to optimally customize your client services down to the tiniest details.



Asset tracking, patient monitoring, remote personnel, and much more. Stay securely connected, reduce physical contact, and offer better, more precise life-saving services using MikroTik's novel, state-of-the-art solutions.



Besides high numbers of simultaneously active users, education centers face various needs, such as distance learning, administrative teamwork, & large data, all of which are a piece of cake for MikroTik hardware.



Build a solid ISP infrastructure via cost-effective and high-density routing at 25G, coupled with a proactive monitoring system. Our hardware suit Bell Canada, Rogers, Telus, Shaw Cabel, and others. White label your brand & make a lasting mark.

Wireless ISPs


PTP, PtMP & MESH solutions extend your WiFi coverage with a high capacity and low latency. Improve services and security, and reduce maintenance costs by simplifying network design and management through using MikroTik hardware.

VoIP Service Providers

VoIP Service Providers

As a VoIP service provider, you aim to create a reliable and scalable network at affordable costs that guarantees max network uptime and low maintenance and service costs. Choose a MikroTik solution for an end-to-end network design.

Data Centers

Data Centers

Build your own data center and attract more clients. Opt for better performance and density up to 40G with low latency and low power consumption hardware. Automate management and build a proactive customer service system.

Governmental Premises & Organizations


Whether you need remote work capacities for your personnel or look for a tightly-knit secured network, RouterOS offers it all. MikroTik's time-tested hardware and evolving technology are all you need.



Cut costs, reduce maintenance, and avoid production halts by harnessing the power of digital operation. Central management, routine monitoring, sensors & trackers, etc. within a secured network make a great difference.

Campers & Camp Sites

Campers & Camp Sites

For us, remote does not equal off the map. No matter where the path takes you, we'll make sure you stay constantly online with a high-quality connection to a public WiFi or get a strong signal from the nearest LTE tower.

Internet on a Boat

Internet on a Boat

Focus on your work at a marina or sail away with a perfect peace of mind, knowing you won't ever go off the grid. 3G/LTE/4G/5G technology offers fast access, excellent range and high-power WiFi options to extend coverage.

Hotels & Accommodation Services


Satsifactory WiFi is indisputably a key review criteria that can attract or shun clientele. Act today for faster speeds, more connected devices, smart WiFi-enabled services, and an all-around superb customer experience.

Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services

Surveillance & security are crucial as public safety, crime reduction, traffic control, and much more rely on large-data processing. Easily manage heaps of data toward safer environments and improved life quality.

The Transportation Industry


Transportation makes the world go around, and, in a connected world, transportation providers cannot remain disconnected. Give your clients the smoothest ride with fast, reliable, and secure connectivity.

Agriculture & Farm Animals


Whether it's crops or animals, there are many factors you need to check. Innovations, esp. IoT solutions, work. Watering, animal tracking, moisture control, feeding, and many other activities can be a whole lot easier!



Maintain and support a fully-functioning enterprise network without the cost of full-time networking staff.

We provide a Certified Networking Engineer on-site as needed.

Costs are based on usage, with no fixed-term contract. Get priority support, monitoring, system and firmware updates, and make changes as needed while controlling IT costs.


Fast service, reduced downtime Resolve issues faster and reduce downtime with expertise from the MikroTik official Certified Consultant.

  • Emergency Network support

  • Reduced downtime

  • Lower operating cost

  • Improve security and proactive threat management

  • Improve performance and accelerate time-to-market