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What is

White Labeling?

White labeling in general refers to the activity of ordering unmarked products from a third-party manufacturer and adding your own brand and identity to that product.


As for MikroTik products, white labeling covers a wider range of features, going beyond the simple customization of physical appearances and including software customizations, security features, access levels, service integrations, device pre-configurations, and the like. Read on to see how white labeling benefits your business.

MikroTik White Labeling

VoIP Services
System Integrators
Security Systems
IoT Systems

With company-specific casings, racks, and boxes, you will be able to unleash the full potential of MikroTik products and add new items to your inventory while maintaning your corporate identity and visual standards, making sure that the performance of the products is associated with your brand.


Using RouterOS management utilities, we'll help you define carefully designed and clear-cut access levels and security clearances for all user groups. Doing so will enable you to provide users with the accesses they require to fulfull their responsibilities without running the risk of any inadvertant disruptions to the network.


White labeling is not limited to appearances. MikroTik's RouterOS offers a great deal of flexibility for setting default device configurations, redirecting certain menus, changing in-app logos, adding brand- and company-specific information and guidelines, etc.


Moreover, customers nowadays opt to relegate their projects to a single service provider rather than interacting with several contractors. White labeling enables you to delve into newer expert areas and offer clients a comprehensive plan of action that includes most or all of their needs, from infrastructure, to hardware installation, software configurations, and the like.



  • Reduce time consumption and the required manpower;


  • Lower your maintenance costs;


  • Avoid human errors with reliable settings;


  • Omit unnecessary shippings and returns;


  • Increase management efficiency;


  • Improve security by defining user access levels;


  • Ensure in-app branding and corporate identity;


  • Strengthen your brand and customer loyalty with customized packaging.
VoIP Services
System Integrators
Security Systems
IoT Systems

How to Go About it?

To receive white labeling services, you have two options:

You have a tech team:

In case you have a team of technicians who are familiar with MikroTik devices and RouterOS, we would be happy to deliver you the products.


Should the need arise, MikroTik Canada will gladly provide you with consulting services as may be required along the way to make sure your tech team faces no obstacles.

You'll let us assist:

Visit the free online MTCNA program offered by our partners at Wireless Netware Technology.

Acquire a solid foundation on MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBOARD and solve basic network managment problems.

Need Private Labeling?

White labeling and private labeing are often used interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference that sets them apart.

The difference between the two terms lies in the party that specifies the options and features of a given product.

In white labeling, the customer uses a product manufactured based on the abilities and capacities of the third-party producer.

In private labeling, the customer determines the design, components, features, and options. In other words, private labeling gives the buyer more freedom to customize an order.

We offer customized solutions and strive to accommodate your needs with great efficiency and minimum expenses.

Regardless of terminologies and technicalities, we will keep you company at all times!