Internet on a Boat
Wi-Fi Repeater
LTE Backup
Internet on a Boat

The Best Solutions Powered By MikroTik Product To Get Internet Access On A Boat.

  • High signal strength wireless connection quality to Marin Wi-Fi Hotspot 
  • 3G-LTE-4G Backup solution
  • Indoor Wi-Fi repeater to extend the wireless coverage
  • Secure VPN "L2TP/SSTP/IPsec/OpenVPN" connection to your work
  • Plug and Play  
Wi-Fi Repeater
LTE Backup


With our low cost WiFi Repeater solution and indoor wireless extendor you could get internet from a local hotspot service provider when you are in a marina.

There are a few options to extend the connection when you are far from the marina up to five (5) KM.


Also you could securely extend the signal using an indoor 2.5GHz and 5GHz wireless access point.

Internet on a Boat

Wireless CPE and repeater

Full indoor WiFi coverage

Secure tunnel to your work

Smart boat monitoring

3G/LTE/4G Failover

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