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Ensuring a stable, reliable and high-quality internet connection is crucial for all businesses, especially small and medium local ones whose employees, in part or whole, are working from the safety of their homes during the COVID pandemic.


MikroTik's internet hardware have proven as trustworthy devices that can be customized to fit various circumstances. Users, however, may find it challenging to configure MikroTik products on their own... Well, no more!


MikroTik Canada has launched its very own series of instructional tutorials, which will be regularly updated and are going to take you on an unprecedentedly simple and practical learning journey.

MikroTik Canada's Toddler Tutorials

Below, you can find the first two sessions of MikroTik Canada's Toddler Tutorials and a quick overview of their content.

1st Session: WINBOX - FIRST LOOK

  • What is WinBox?
  • How to download WinBox?
  • Main WinBox interface
  • WinBox menus
  • Basic features of WinBox
  • The Advanced Mode
  • The Legacy Mode
  • Updating WinBox


  • Neighbors Tab
  • Managed Tab
  • Device Filters
  • Zoom In & Zoom Out
  • Import & Export
  • First Connection to a Device

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